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About Adam Angel, LICSW, LCSW

I have worked in the field for over 10 years with adults, youth and families utilizing strengths based, psychodynamic, and mindfulness approaches which deal with the challenges of the here and now rather than focusing extensively on the past. I specialize in providing individual therapy and group support for Dads.

The research of the last 20 years in neuroscience has shown the effectiveness of utilizing the body to change what in the past others saw as strictly cognitive psychological issues. Theoretical paradigms of mind/body or "bottom up" approaches such as polyvagal theory ground my practice. More recently I have been trained in Neuro Affective Relation Model (NARM) which combines bottom up and top down approaches to reorganize the developmental trauma that keeps persistent "personality and mental health issues" from subsiding.

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Private Pay, can provide superbill.  Contact for more details.

Advanced Training

• Masters level NARM therapist