Barbara Byers, M.D.

Barbara Byers


Contact Information

(703) 291-3727


5454 Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 1275
Chevy Chase MD 20815


About Barbara Byers, M.D.

I am an adult psychiatrist who also specializes in reproductive psychiatry. I work with women who have mood and anxiety issues related to reproductive changes including pregnancy, postpartum, and infertility, as well as PMS and menopause. I also treat general patients who have mood and anxiety symptoms as well.

I bring patients in for an hour long evaluation and then do mostly 30 min supportive psychotherapy and medication management visits every 1-6 months thereafter. I actively work with other therapists in the community who do more intensive on-going psychotherapy.

When necessary, I also coordinate with community obstetricians and pediatricians to ensure collaboration amongst providers for a woman and her child should she need to be on medication.

Session Cost/Fee Information/Insurance

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