Lindsay Rothenberg Standeven, MD

Lindsay Rothenberg Standeven


Contact Information

Johns Hopkins, Reproductive Mental Health Center

(443) 203-8985


550 N Broadway
Suite 308
Baltimore MD 21205

About Lindsay Rothenberg Standeven, MD

I currently work as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins and am the Clinical and Education Director of Johns Hopkins Reproductive Mental Health Center. After residency in psychiatry, I completed a two-year fellowship in reproductive psychiatry. I am now the director of resident training in women's mental health and serve on the educational board of the National Curriculum on Reproductive Psychiatry (NCRP). My. research focuses on the role of neurosteroid changes in pregnancy and PMADs. I am passionate about education and program development (particularly collaborative care). When not working I love being with my two young boys, husband, dog and peloton.

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