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About Nauf Azad, DO

At Mental Wealth we believe that your approach to mental wellbeing and mental health is a reflection of the value you have for yourself. When you optimize your mental health, it is an investment in yourself and your wellbeing. We believe that seeing a mental health professional is a powerful tool to help you reach your maximum potential. While we aren’t about labeling or focusing on weaknesses, we are about identifying what you want out of life and working together to create a path that will enable you to start getting closer to reaching personal and professional goals. At Mental Wealth, you will receive treatment tailored specifically for your symptoms and your life - all treatment is completely personalized to target your own challenges and priorities.

At Mental Wealth, we are very well-versed in treating the specific needs of women with compassion and evidence-based medicine. We can help you understand what sort of mood changes are typical with hormonal shifts and what are not. We will equip you with tools to make motherhood both manageable and enjoyable. We also specialize in processing traumatic birth experiences. Therapy is promoted when possible, particularly during pregnancy. However, if indicated, a medication might be considered that is safe for pregnancy and/or for breastfeeding.

Dr. Azad is the founder of Mental Wealth. She is a physician who has undergone specialized training in child, adolescent, perinatal, and adult psychiatry. She is a Georgetown trained psychiatrist with extensive experience catering to the unique mental health needs across the life cycle from preschoolers to adults. Outside of her private practice, Dr. Azad serves as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Georgetown University Hospital where she enjoys teaching medical students and early career physicians. She also currently serves as the Medical Director of the Young Adult IOP at Georgetown University Hospital. Prior to founding Mental Wealth, Dr. Azad spent the early part of her career serving as the Medical Director of a chain of eating disorder clinics across the DMV and established herself as the local DC expert in eating disorders.

Session Cost/Fee Information/Insurance

Like many mental health clinics in the DMV, Mental Wealth does not participate in or directly accept any health insurance plans. Our fees are based on the particular service and length of the appointment. Please call our office to discuss specific details and we can provide a good faith estimate. Although patients are expected to pay our clinic directly, we are able to provide a superbill for patients to seek reimbursement from their respective insurance plans. A superbill contains the pertinent information (ie billing codes and diagnoses) that insurances request to process services and makes it easier for patients to submit out of network claims. Contact for more details.